About us

About us

Sussex Street Cohousing formed out of the members of Norwich Cohousing, when we bought our site in August 2015.

We are a loose mix of members and potential members at the moment, some fully  committed and some still waiting for more details about cost and time-frames.

Ages range from working age adults to retired and nearly-retired, and we hope to attract more families as the project becomes better defined.

There isn’t a specific ethos or guiding principle, other than a general wish to share more, consume less and have fun..! During the next dozen or so meetings we will be discussing some of the thornier issues such as our values, policies, decision-making and problem-solving.

In terms of legal structure, we are currently two organisations:

Sussex Street Cohousing Association – ‘the Association’

Our group, which has been going for about seven years, is an unincorporated association consisting of members and supporters, some of whom will go on to become owners / residents of the built scheme.

The Association is currently driving forward the development, at the same time as building the community and our core values and policies. Eventually, when all the units are occupied, the Association will be wound up.

Sussex Street Cohousing CIC – ‘the C.I.C.’

Sussex Street Cohousing CIC is a Community Interest Company (based on a Company Limited by Guarantee) which owns the site and will raise the finance to build the scheme. Once built, the CIC will sell each house or flat to buyers who will become members / directors of the CIC. The CIC membership is only open to those people who have a financial stake in the cohousing scheme.

Eventually the CIC will become the management company for the development, owning the communal space and maintaining the building structure, corridors, stairwells etc.