Joining and buying

We are keen for new members to join our group, and ultimately buy into the scheme. We encourage any prospective members to either (a) meet up with one of our existing members for a coffee and to ask questions (send us a message from the Contact page ), or (b) come to an open event (when one is posted on our Home page).

You are bound to have lots of questions for us – about location, dwelling units, costs, expected completion date, energy-efficiency, leasehold or freehold, management, layout, facilities and more.

We will also have some questions for you, which you might want to think about:

  • can you commit the time required to living in a cohousing group? (there can be a lot of meetings, as well as shared tasks)
  • can you compromise with other people, who may have different views from yours?
  • can you live with people of different ages?
  • do you have enough capital to put down a deposit and enough income to pay a mortgage?
  • do you have any additional needs to discuss?
  • can you share some of your possessions?
  • is cohousing communal enough for you? – we are not a commune, nor a religious, spiritual or smallholding / self-sufficient group.

Once you have met one of our members or come to an open event, you will be invited to join our group.